Version 2.2 - (Build 1219)


- 10.8 support for Gatekeeper, better recording, and mouse cursor hiding.

- Support for recording Retina displays at full or half resolution.

- Added the ability to record at a reduce scale to save CPU and disk space.

- The movie preview now has a player bar which can be used for scrubbing through the movie.

- Added a recording timer option, so the recording can be stopped after a set time.

- Dock and Status menu items for Pause/Resume

- Captured movies not inside the Movies folder can be double-clicked in Finder to open in Screenflick.

- UI Refinements


- More accurate frame rate measurement on 10.7, and improved recording performance.

- Much more accurate mouse event to frame syncing.

- Movie being recorded while Quit is now marked as valid

- Includes a new version of Soundflower

2.1.4 Release Notes