Screenflick 3.0.4October 2, 2021 - Build 300041


  • Fix for macOS Monterey preventing HEVC export because it sometimes was incorrectly trying to use constant quality mode which HEVC does not support.
  • Fixes for multiple rare issues and crashes.

Screenflick 3.0.3October 1, 2021 - Build 300040


  • The recording preview timecode now shows current time and duration. When dragging the playhead, a more precise time is shown.
  • Fixed an issue with the Vimeo exporter audio configuration.
  • Fixes audio synchronization in the preview playback inaccuracies in some cases.
  • Fixes an issue with preview playback where changing the audio delays or volumes could prevent hearing the audio until restarted.
  • Exported recordings apply the audio delay correctly in all circumstances.
  • Other fixes for rare issues.

Screenflick 3.0.2September 16, 2021 - Build 300033


  • Fixes a couple issues with pausing a recording.
  • Fixes an issue where changing the keyboard or mouse visualization preferences wasn't reflected in the preview.
  • After changing keyboard or camera options in the Export view, those changes are now used for the next recorded movie, as expected just like the mouse options.
  • Deleting the frame rate value when exporting doesn't crash.
  • Other minor changes.

Screenflick 3.0.1September 1, 2021 - Build 300031


  • Addresses an infrequent crash during the recording countdown.

Screenflick 3.0August 31, 2021 - Build 300030

Major Highlights:

  • Export to WebM with VP8/VP9 and Vorbis audio.
  • Export with the new HEVC high efficiency video codec.
  • Produce smaller exports with Constant Quality on macOS Monterey.
  • Up to 30% faster exporting on some recordings.
  • Export only the audio from a recording.
  • Export only the video camera from a recording.
  • Improved and simpler interface for export options.
  • Crop your videos!
  • Live preview of timelapse speed-up/slow-down.
  • Significantly improved preview playback performance, including full screen preview.
  • Automate Screenflick recordings with Automator actions.
  • Place Screenflick in "dark mode" even when macOS is in "light mode."
  • Fresh interface improvements.
  • Display on-screen controls for stop/pause/resume and audio level monitoring.
  • Display an on-screen preview of the video camera being recorded.
  • Change the system volume without affecting the recorded audio.

Additional Improvements:

  • Added an export option to prioritize speed when using HEVC on Apple Silicon. Up to 30% faster exporting, even faster than H.264.
  • Added the ability to remove the background behind you from the camera recording. This works best on a relatively solid-colored background, and requires macOS Monterey or later.
  • Added the ability to set the start time of a recording. The recording "schedule" (start and stop) is now an option available in the new pulldown menu attached to the Record button when selecting the area of the screen to record.
  • The "Quality" slider when using H.264 and HEVC exports uses more appropriate bit rates.
  • Audio recording resiliancy in cases of a power failure, system crash, etc.
  • Added a new preference for automatically naming recordings with the date and time.
  • Added a new preference to choose whether to show the exported movie file in Finder or not.
  • The movies list can now be sorted by name. (Right-click in the list to see the option.)
  • The movies list can now use a more compact layout. (Right-click in the list to see the option.)
  • Multiple recordings can be deleted at the same time using multiple selection.
  • You can now drag and drop an "sfmovie" recording package from Finder into the movies list if you're restoring it from somewhere else on the file system.
  • Major interface changes to the Export view and how options work. All options (mouse, keyboard, camera, emblem, etc) are set per-recording, instead of being a confusing mix of shared and not. Settings can be copied from one recording to another by right-clicking on the recordings in the sidebar. Mouse and keyboard style options have been moved into Preferences.